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What is a “Teen Task Force”?

In short, a Teen Task Force is a body of young, type 1 diabetic individuals (ages 12-18), from the Central Pennsylvania area, who provide counsel and support to the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of JDRF, participate in a variety of projects and community initiatives.

Why create a “Teen Task Force”?

Here at JDRF, we value the ideas and opinions of our youth, and to better serve and engage the type 1 youth community, we feel it is imperative that a task force is created, so the voices of this community can be heard and considered.

JDRF will look to benefit our youth and help prepare them for future successes. We feel that this program can help increase the feeling of empowerment, build confidence and help cultivate important life and communication skills.

What is the Task Force’s role within the community?

  • Youth advisors to JDRF and youth mentors to the teen T1D community

Members of Central Pennsylvania’s Teen Task Force will serve as youth advisors to JDRF. They will help to lead and cultivate the youth initiative projects to get more youth T1D’s involved with JDRF.  Each member of the Teen Task Force will have the option to complete JDRF’s Mentor Program Training so all members of the force have the option to be fully prepared to engage, mentor, and advise the T1D youth community.

  • Comprehensive building on targeted programs

Members of the Teen Task Force will provide the chapter staff with ideas and opinions on ways to better engage the teen T1D community. They will also provide insight on how to improve programs that are already in place here at the Central Pennsylvania chapter and provide feedback on events attended from their age group.

  • Solving youth issues and developing youth assets

As stated above, members of the Teen Task Force will have the option to complete JDRF’s Mentor Training Program. The main goal of the training is to prepare members of the Task Force guide newly diagnosed type 1 diabetics or T1D’s who are struggling with their diagnosis, regardless of how long they have been diagnosed. This will help to build a community support system of all teen T1D’s so they better educate themselves and others about the complications of living with type 1 diabetes, and support each other in their journey of living with, and overcoming the difficulties of this disease.

Points of Consideration

  • To be a member of JDRF Central Pennsylvania’s Teen Task Force you must be between 12-18 years of age.
  • To be considered for the Teen Task Force you must be able to attend quarterly meetings at the chapter office. If you are unable to physically attend you must be able to call in to the meeting. Each member of the Task Force is permitted to miss 1 meeting per year.
  • Must have type 1 diabetes
  • Must have some background of volunteer or leadership experience.
  • Must be willing to fundraise for JDRF

How do I become a member of JDRF Central Pennsylvania’s Teen Task Force?

After learning a little bit about what the Central Pennsylvania’s Teen Task Force is, if you feel that you would be a great asset to the force please submit an online JDRF Teen Task Force Application by clicking the “Click to Apply” button at the top of the page.

Please direct all questions regarding the JDRF Central Pennsylvania Chapter’s Teen Task Force to Lauren Wilcox, Development Coordinator at lwilcox@jdrf.org.


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