T1D Littles Group of Grand Rapids April Get Together

April 22, 2018, Grand Rapids, MI
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Purpose: Establishing a Network of Support; for you, your family and your child aged 5 years or younger with Type 1 Diabetes.


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Caring for a young child with T1D can come with a very different set of challenges and demands than a school-aged child, teenager, or adult living with T1D. Establishing a network of knowledgeable family, friends, and resources is something many parents and caregivers often struggle with during these early sleep-deprived years.

Please join in the discussion on ways to build a knowledgeable support network, and connect with parents and caregivers from our community to talk about age-appropriate resources, tools, ideas and experiences.

JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Little Group of Grand Rapids supports and connects caregivers of children 5 years or younger living with Type 1 Diabetes


Kroc Center

2500 S. Division Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Event Contact

Allison Braden
6169571838 | westmichigan@jdrf.org