South Sound T1D Connections Program Training

February 24, 2018, University Place, WA
11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Join us at the T1D Connections Program Training and help newly diagnosed families and adults. RSVP by February 16, 2018 to reserve your spot.

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What is the T1D Connections Program?

The T1D Connections Program is a resource available to the T1D community that connects individuals to others who understand what it is like to live with T1D.  Through these connections JDRF volunteers provide emotional support and guidance while also helping families and individuals to become acquainted with JDRF in a meaningful way.

Individuals are matched in their time of need with an Outreach Volunteer (OV), who can relate because they too have a personal connection to the disease and understand the challenges at different stages within the T1D journey. The T1D Connections Program serves in fostering early meaningful relationships as well as ensuring newly diagnosed individuals/families are aware of all that JDRF has to offer in terms of both resources and opportunities to positively impact our mission.

Who are Outreach Volunteers?

JDRF OV’s play the very important lead role in building early relationships with newly diagnosed individuals/families– welcoming, supporting, guiding, and connecting them to the larger T1D community and JDRF.  This is accomplished through relationship building activities throughout the first twelve months post-diagnosis, including making introductory phone calls, sending periodic emails, making invitations to attend and meet at chapter events, and identifying opportunities for further engagement as advocates, volunteers, and fundraisers.

How is the T1D Connections Program different from the Mentor Program?

The peer-to-peer connection process, approach, staff and volunteer resource materials and tools, and trainings have all been enhanced to more effectively empower OV’s in their role and to create ongoing substantive opportunities for communication and engagement.


  • Repositioned staff and volunteer roles to focus on both support and connecting people to resources, others in the T1D community, and JDRF
  • This role goes well beyond “mentoring” – changed the program name to “T1D Connections Program,” and volunteer title to “Outreach Volunteer”
    • New standard ongoing monthly touchpoints and communication approach
    • New turnkey volunteer sample scripts and communication templates to make touchpoints easy to execute
    • New and easy-to-use online tool to help OV’s track assignments and their ongoing communication and critical information to support cultivating relationships



The T1D Connections Program brings people together to become a part of the T1D community and the JDRF family with the promise that no one is in this alone!


Chambers Creek Regional Park- Enviromental Services Building

University Place, WA 98467

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Karis Tsolomitis
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