An independently managed venture philanthropy fund that will make early-stage commercial investments to accelerate life-changing T1D therapies.

T1D Venture Philanthropy

The JDRF T1D Fund will make high-impact early-stage investments to accelerate commercial development of life-changing therapies for people living with T1D.

Scale and focus

First vehicle devoted to early-stage commercial investing in T1D; initial capital of $32 million with goal of raising $80 million in next two years to deploy over four years.

Accelerating outcomes

Capitalize on recent research T1D breakthroughs through targeted investments in the most promising T1D therapies.

Closing the gap

Strategic partnering to attract increased venture and pharma investment in T1D to close the substantial T1D funding gap.

High impact philanthropy

Nearly 100% of donor capital will go to investments, making the Fund an extremely efficient philanthropic opportunity; gains recycled to the mission.

Independent team

Governed as a separate vehicle with a Managing Director with strong experience in funding early stage companies, and an independent board and experienced investment committee.


The T1D Fund is a non-profit entity. As a venture philanthropy vehicle, donors are eligible for significant, tax-deductible donations. Donors to the Fund join a Donor Advisory Council and receive regular reporting.


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to discover how to be a part of the T1D Fund | 646-937-4123