Beat the Heat This Summer


Summer in Texas is HOT! If you’re living with T1D, be sure to check out these helpful tips!

Stay Hydrated. Hot weather can quickly dehydrate anyone – to avoid the blood-sugar spikes it causes, be sure to drive plenty of water throughout the day.

Test Blood-Sugar Levels Frequently. Because high temperatures can cause fluctuation, it’s a good idea to test your blood-sugar more often than usual.

Protect Your Gear. Keep your pump covered and your insulin cool. Heat makes insulin less effective and can cause pumps to malfunction. There are cooling cases specifically for insulin that can help you manage your supply.

Pack Snacks. Before any summer road trips or outings, be sure to stock up on food. Snacks can help prevent blood-sugar lows and help you stay on your food schedule no matter what the trip throws at you.

Exercise in the Mornings or Nights. Plan your outdoor exercise for the cooler parts of the day. Exercising in the heat can cause heat exhaustion and make staying in a healthy range difficult. Even at these times, sweating when working out is likely. Because too much moisture can damage a pump, be sure to keep an eye on it.