JDRF Ride to Cure 2020 is still on!

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JDRF Ride to CureHas this period of physical distancing allowed you to rediscover a workout routine? Are you looking for something to train for? If you answered yes to either of those questions, have you considered participating in this year’s Ride to Cure? Good news! JDRF Ride to Cure 2020 is still on! Register NOW at ride.jdrf.org.

JDRF Ride isn’t just a bike ride: it’s an experience where hundreds of riders come together from all over the world to make new friendships, enjoy the unparalleled camaraderie of the Ride community and raise money to help end T1D. It’s a way to get involved in the T1D community and get in shape.

For more information about the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes program contact Liza @ ldubinsky@jdrf.org