Volunteer Spotlight – Jason Skeoch


Jason Skeoch has a reason to celebrate – the 2014 JDRF Summer Classic raised $500,000, totaling more than $3.2 million raised in the last nine years. The annual golf event is the brainchild of Active Charity, the organization Jason and several Chico State buddies founded in 2005. “We wanted to start a fundraiser in the East Bay and donate the proceeds to a charity,” Jason recalls. “My business partner is neighbors with Loren Lingenfelter, a past President of the JDRF Bay Area Chapter, and he introduced the two of us. Soon after, the Summer Classic was born.”

In addition to his work with Active Charity, Jason is currently serving as Chair of Finance on our chapter’s Executive Board. He knows that while the success of Summer Classic is very encouraging, the fight against type 1 diabetes (T1D) needs to continue in full force.

“Now that I have a seat at the ‘table’ I intend to provide my thoughts on how to keep fundraising fresh and new with various events, not just Summer Classic,” Jason says. “Let’s face it, without fundraising, we don’t have money to find a cure. So to me fundraising and keeping it fun is important.”

Chair of Finance is a natural fit for Jason. After earning his BA from Chico State University, he went on to earn an MBA from St. Mary’s College. He has nearly 20 years experience in business and sales within the telecommunication industry. As founder and CEO of All Systems Broadband, a company that custom engineers fiber-based solutions for customers in the Broadband, Wireless and Data Center markets, he is a well-respected business leader in the Bay Area.

Our chapter is impressed with Jason’s unrelenting devotion to our cause, especially since his family is not directly affected by T1D. “I am lucky and I realize that,” he says. “I am doing this because I firmly believe we all have a responsibility to give back, to donate time and energy to something bigger than yourself that has meaning.  I hope that I demonstrate to others – especially my own children – that anyone can make a difference if you put in some hard work.”

Since he was introduced to JDRF nine years ago, Jason has developed many friendships in the T1D community. The JDRF mission has become very personal. “A cure would mean tremendous joy as I have met so many families that are impacted by T1D and I want to see their pain and worry go away,” he says. Jason grew up in Danville and now resides in San Ramon with his wife Marianne and two children.