One on 1 with a Fashion Blogger


Doris HobbsWelcome to JDRF Bay Area’s blog, One on 1, a series of interviews with people who live with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Members of our community talk about how T1D affects them, how they manage it, and what they have accomplished despite it. We caught up with Doris Hobbs, style editor and founder of Rich in Love Fashion.

When were you diagnosed with T1D and what was it like for you at the time?

For me, that moment came on October 22, 2014, weeks prior to my 33rd birthday. During this unpredictable moment in my life, I of course wanted to do what many might have felt to be therapeutic which was to live in sympathy, self-pity and even doubt. But instead I decided to go beyond the autoimmune disease, not wearing it as a sympathy garment; instead seeking a way to refashion how others perceive such a life-altering disorder. With only two days after the nature of the news was given, I by choice found myself conducting an on location photo-shoot for a previously contracted client which in return set the stage for where type 1 diabetes would rank in my life.

How has your outlook evolved since then?

The decision to never label a setback as “failure;” instead I embrace each tragedy as a setup to promote self-growth, in addition prove that my capacities are without measure.

As a style blogger, how have you brought T1D into your work?

Through the empowerment I share on Rich in Love Fashion with wearing vintage garments among sharing my unbinding strength, I’ve found each garment to metaphorically represent a shield of amour providing me courage and confidence. My style journey has consisted of many moments: failure and beauty, while I’ve gravitated to obtaining a grammarian, yet glamorous life as an aspiring writer. Just like a security blanket a child latches onto for many years of their youth, I’ve taken hold onto vintage as my sanctuary knowing I am authentic, I am fearless, and can prove that there’s more to life beyond type 1 diabetes.

Rich in Love Fashion goes beyond the typical style blogger’s format. It provides support while educating others through type 1 diabetes awareness. My message has been noted by many as an inspiration, helping others to find the glamour in every setback.

How do you raise awareness through glamour?

I believe this glamorous awareness of type 1 diabetes took flight on June 6, 2016, where I formally announced to my readers on Rich in Love Fashion I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic. This day marked a movement as a number of my past clients, social media followers and blog visitors all began to express that they were diagnosed or knew of someone who is. Through sharing my story, it has assisted others to feel comfortable enough of expose something they may have not done alone.

What do you want people to know about T1D?

Having diabetes bonds you to complex maintenance which does not only entail managing one’s glucose level, but also the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This is particularly true for type 1, in which the pancreas is basically unable to make the hormone insulin. Humans need insulin to process glucose, the sugar that fuels our bodies. However, if too much glucose builds up in the bloodstream, it can eventually cause damage to all parts of the body. Individuals with type 1 must inject insulin into their bodies every day for survival.

What would a cure mean to you?

One word, freedom.

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