JDRF One Walks are Going Green with PathWater

When you walk, you need to stay hydrated. And when there are thousands of walkers, that can turn into a whole lot of plastic water bottles. With that in mind, the JDRF One Walks in San Francisco, San Ramon, and Santa Clara are partnering with PathWater, a company committed to sustainability, founded by passionate entrepreneurs raised on the the beaches of San Francisco. This mission-focused organization offers purified drinking water in reusable aluminum bottles and our Walks are the the recipients of a very generous in-kind donation of these pre-filled sustainable containers. You will not see plastic water bottle waste at our Walks in San Francisco, San Ramon and Santa Clara this year, thanks to PathWater.

Gulshan Kumar, Director of Marketing, says “PathWater is on a journey to bring the plastic crisis to the forefront, teach others to protect the environment, and provide options to reduce and reuse.”

Together, JDRF and PathWater are taking steps to create a better future for our world. All the more reason to register for the JDRF One Walk today! Visit walk.jdrf.org.