Stanford Diabetes Research Center is Building a Database of Participants Interested in T1D Trials/Studies


The Stanford Diabetes Research Center is currently collecting contact information for potential study participants to create an online diabetes research registry from which various groups studying diabetes at Stanford University will be able to recruit participants for their studies or trials. This is an effort to create a single study recruitment platform for all diabetes related researchers at Stanford.


Anybody can add their information to this registry. You do not need to have diabetes to fill out the survey as some groups are focused on diabetes prevention, or need healthy volunteers to compare results to.


Click here and fill out the simple questionnaire with the required information. The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete, and you can save your responses and stop at any time and return later to complete them.

Your participation is voluntary. If you should have any questions or concerns prior to or after filling out the surveys, please contact Christina Petlura ( by e-mail and she will either answer your question by e-mail, or arrange for a telephone conversation if you prefer.