Volunteer Spotlight on our 2019 Hope Gala Co-Chairs: Amy Lewis and J. George Hume

On May 18, 2019, the JDRF Greater Bay Area Chapter will host its 21st annual Hope Gala, honoring Laura and Mark Hawkins. The Hope Gala is JDRF’s most high profile networking opportunity and most successful annual fundraiser in the Greater Bay Area. Over 20 years, this inspiring celebration has raised over $25 million in support of JDRF and type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. This Black tie event includes a cocktail reception, presentation of the Living & Giving Award, a spectacular live auction and Fund A Cure program, gourmet dinner, music and dancing.

None of this could happen without our hard working event committee. This year, we are lucky to have two co-chairs leading the efforts: Amy Lewis and J. George Hume. Amy Lewis currently serves on our JDRF Greater Bay Area Chapter Board. She is very passionate about the JDRF mission and has served as Chair or Co-Chair for the Hope Gala several times over the years. J. George Hume is Director, ISV Sales Enablement at Salesforce and is very grateful to the 2019 Hope Gala honorees, Laura and Mark Hawkins. Mark is President & CFO of Salesforce and his involvement with JDRF has greatly inspired George.

Eliza Kinsolving, JDRF Hope Gala Manager, says, “Amy and George are two of our chapter’s most exemplary JDRF volunteer leaders and I feel so fortunate to be partnering with them. Amy’s invaluable experience on the Hope Gala committee and George’s fresh perspective and diverse JDRF involvement make this quite a dynamic duo! They bring different JDRF volunteer experiences to the table, but share a mutual passion for JDRF’s mission that always shines through. Amy and George illustrate the unwavering dedication and determination of our T1D community and thanks to their leadership, I know the 2019 Hope Gala will beautifully reflect this!”

Amy says, “My sister, Melanie, was diagnosed with T1D in 1978 at the age of 10 months. Our family has benefited so much over the last 40 years from JDRF’s unwavering commitment to find a cure. I am honored to join with George to support the Hope Gala, partnering with JDRF’s incredible staff team to put on another amazing, successful event! The Hope Gala and all of JDRF’s events fund research that directly impacts our loved ones living with T1D and gives us hope for a future without T1D.” 

George says, “I was diagnosed with T1D on Easter Sunday, 1980, and my future at that the time was uncertain. Through the leadership of JDRF the way people with T1D can manage their blood sugar and live normal lives has become more of a reality. My hope for the 2019 Hope Gala is to help JDRF continue to be at the forefront of helping everyone affected by T1D, and with the goal of turning Type One into Type None.” 

Amy and George are quick to acknowledge the vital teamwork of everyone who participates in the Hope Gala. We are extremely grateful for the volunteer leadership of 2019 Hope Gala committee:

Co-Chairs: J. George Hume and Amy Lewis

Maria Barak
Caitlin Caswell
Carolyn Cohan
Stacey Dillon
Maureen Kosewic
Sara Kurtzig
Kwala Luria
Leslie Mulholland
Corinne Murdock
Joan Sherlock
Debbie Tanguay
Adrea Tencer
Brei Tobin

Visit www.jdrf/bayarea/hope-gala for more details about the 2019 JDRF Hope Gala.