Crippsmas Place Volunteering Opportunity

December 9 - 15, 2017, Fremont, CA
5:00 pm

Crippsmas Place Holiday Volunteering! This is a wonderful place where holiday magic, community and giving come together. The homes lining the street will be decorated to the max with lights and festive figures for visitors to drive around and see! Volunteers are needed to hand out candy canes and spread cheer. With your help and signing up to volunteer we can create wonderful memories for people who visit the event and at the same time give back to JDRF. Thank you for helping to give back and for helping to keep this long standing Fremont tradition alive. Register to volunteer today!



Wellington Place, Fremont CA

Crippsmas Place is a Cheerful Neighborhood Display and Charity Fundraiser in north Fremont, California in the United States. Crippsmas Place event is planned and run by dedicated local neighbors, unpaid volunteers who banded together to form the Crippsmas Club. The Crippsmas Club formed a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization with Tax ID # 42-1760926. All the donations go to the designated supported charities except for a small amount for supplies to build new decorations, restore old decorations, and display them.

Wellington Place
Fremont, CA 94536

Event Contact

Kathleen Fraser
415-597-6302 |