Blogger Intro: Mike Kondratick

Today starts our cavalcade of JDRF Advocacy blogger introductions!

My name is Mike Kondratick and I’ve been working on the JDRF Advocacy staff for five years.

When I arrived at JDRF, my wife and I had some connections to type 1 through family friends and professional colleagues.  Neither of us have any history of type 1 in our families.  In the five years since, I’ve been blessed to develop more connections than I can count.  I’m also lucky to work with some other great staff members, who you’ll get to meet via the blog next week.  JDRF has given me more than I could ever give in return!

My role is about making sure that JDRF can effectively communicate our legislative messaging to Members of Congress.  To do that, I look to find ways to communicate that build relationships by following the old adage that ‘all politics is local’.  So, I help advocacy volunteers in each of our local chapters build relationships with one another and recruit others to support our cause.  People are far more likely to help JDRF when they have a personal relationship with a local volunteer.  Just as important, I help to make sure our volunteers build a personal relationship with their Members through programs like our Promise Campaign and Children’s Congress.  Telling our stories to Members, firsthand, is still the most effective method of grassroots communication, by far.  And, it’s something that JDRF has gotten very good at doing.

I also help to answer questions everyday on JDRF Advocacy’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account.

If you have any questions about our Advocacy Program (or anything else) just leave me a note below in the comments.