JDRF Walk Team Spotlight: Cara’s Crew

For the entire month of September, we are featuring the JDRF Walk to
Cure Diabetes on our T1D Tuesday Blog! We will be interviewing Walk Team
Captains from around the country, who will share their experiences on
how they started their team and how they became successful at

Today meet JDRF Walk Team Captain, Natalie of Cara’s Crew!

T1Nation: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Natalie: My name is Natalie Hoskins.  My husband and daughter both have type 1 diabetes.  My youngest son has tested positive for the GAD as well.  It was December 24, 2011 when we had to take my daughter, who was age 8, to the ER to confirm her type 1 diabetes diagnosis.  She spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the hospital.  We were fortunate that we caught it early enough to prevent any serious complications, but only because we knew had to look for.  She didn’t really feel very fortunate having to spend Christmas in the hospital though!
T1Nation: Who do you Walk for? When were they diagnosed and at what age?
I walk for my daughter Cara, husband John, as well as Cara’s best friend Bailey who was diagnosed just two months before Cara.  Really, I walk for anyone who has to live with diabetes.
T1Nation: What is your team name? How did you come up with the name?
Natalie: Our team name is Cara’s Crew!  Cara loves her friends and the many adults, teachers, coaches, and family who support her daily.  So, Cara wanted to be called Cara’s Crew!  The name signifies the crew people who support her and she is thankful that she has so many people she can lean on when life gets a little complicated.
T1Nation: Where is your JDRF Walk location?
Natalie: Our JDRF location is Houston, Texas.  The walk is taking place on October 26, 2013
T1Nation: How many years have you participated in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes?
Natalie: This year will be our second year to participate in the diabetes walk, and we cannot wait! We have already designed our t-shirt, had a Bullrito’s Night to raise funds and will be having Menchie’s Night too. 
T1Nation: To date, how much has your team raised?
Natalie: Our team has raised $220 to date, but we are waiting on the check from Bullrito’s to add that to our fundraising. 
T1Nation: What do you love most about the event?
Natalie: The best thing about the event was celebrating all the many people, kids especially who are living with type 1 diabetes and showing them that are supported.  We will continue to HOPE that a cure for type 1 diabetes will be found SOON and the walk helps raise funding vital to this happening.
T1Nation: Please share your tips on how others can get involved in joining/fundraising.  What has worked best for you?
Natalie: We encourage our friends and family to join us in walking/fundraising by sending out information on facebook and talking about it around town.  We also host fundraising nights at local restaurants that are willing to do so.  It helps when we put a face, Cara’s, to diabetes.  More people want to help her when they see her and hear about how diabetes affects her daily activates.  In spite of diabetes, Cara is a competitive gymnast and a very active, involved fifth grader.  Cara tells her story to anyone who is willing to listen.  She has made it her goal to be an advocate for diabetes research.  Her signature word is “HOPE” and she invites others to help keep her hope alive by walking, donating, and getting involved in advocating for diabetes.

Get involved in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes in your community. Visit http://walk.jdrf.org to sign up today!