Unlocking Type 1 Diabetes Data

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JDRF partners with Tidepool on data integration software for better type 1 diabetes management

JDRF is partnering with the non-profit organization Tidepool to develop a new data integration tool for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who use insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, or blood glucose meters. The new tool at the center of the partnership is a “Universal T1D Device Uploader” intended to make it easier to access and integrate data from various T1D devices and present them in the context of a person’s daily activities. The tool will also enable consistent remote data sharing with users, healthcare providers, and parents of children with T1D to help individuals better manage their disease.

The goal of Tidepool’s development efforts is to bring diabetes data management software into the modern age by solving several fundamental challenges. Most available T1D devices make it hard to download and access data leaving it trapped inside each proprietary system. In addition, many diabetes management systems don’t make it easy to relate the data to a person’s daily activities, including: food, exercise, sleep patterns, and work or school hours. Tidepool’s software will be intuitive, actionable and accessible, making it easier to view T1D data in meaningful ways for users and for sharing with parents or health care providers.

The Universal Device Uploader will be an important near-term step towards achieving more effective T1D management. It also will enable a whole new wave of artificial pancreas (AP) research based on new understandings of the data from diabetes devices coupled with the way a person actually lives. As the clinical testing of new AP systems has rapidly accelerated into more everyday settings, so has the need for researchers to more easily and remotely track their performance and collect the data needed to advance their development. Accessing such integrated data remotely with Tidepool’s Universal T1D Device Uploader will speed development of AP systems that better control a person’s blood glucose levels.

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Example of Data Display from Tidepool Software

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