DexCom CGM System to Offer Real-Time Glucose Data Sharing

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DexCom G4® Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with Share Allows Users to Wirelessly Transmit Blood-Glucose Data and Alerts to Up to Five “Followers” in Real-Time   

Medical device manufacturer DexCom is rolling out the first FDA-approved continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system that allows real-time sharing of blood-glucose data. The DexCom G4® Platinum Glucose Monitoring System with Share will use mobile apps to enable users to wirelessly transmit blood-glucose data from their CGM’s receivers directly to the smart devices of  up to five “followers” in real-time.

The new apps will eliminate the need for users to attach their receivers to the Share cradle that is part of the current DexCom CGM. Instead, the system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology to send blood-glucose data to their smart devices.  The first Share receivers shipped on March 2nd.

JDRF has been a longtime proponent of real time data-sharing between people with diabetes and their caregivers and loved ones.  The new DexCom system is the commercialized result of a partnership between the company and JDRF to design a prototype wireless transmitter that has now been incorporated into DexCom’s G4®Platinum CGM System with Share.  “It’s exciting to see an important commercial product advance based in part of JDRF research funding,” said Aaron Kowalski, JDRF Chief Mission Officer and Vice President, Research.  “We value our partnership with DexCom and congratulate them on their new product launch.”

In addition, JDRF has urged a reasonable regulatory pathway for these types of tools and is pleased that FDA has reclassified them as class II, low- to moderate risk devices, exempt from premarket submissions. This eases the path for similar technology in the future.

The Share and Follower mobile apps that make the DexCom system possible will be available at no charge at the Apple App store. Initially they will be for use only on iPhones or iPads, although they will soon be available for Android devices as well.

Kevin Sayer, President and CEO of DexCom, said the new system is “a huge improvement for people managing their diabetes, and for those parents and caregivers who help them each and every day.” He praised the FDA’s de novo approval process and the “speed at which they reviewed and approved this important innovation.” For more information or to support JDRF’s Artificial Pancreas Project, please click here.



The Dexcom G4® PLATINUM System with ShareTM allows real time data sharing via mobile devices. Image supplied by Dexcom.