Studies Continue to Show Life-changing Benefits of CGMs


You may have heard of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), but still have some questions about how it’ll help with your daily management of type 1 diabetes (T1D). A CGM is an FDA-approved device that provides insight into glucose levels 24 hours a day. The device displays information about glucose direction and speed while also providing users additional information to help with their diabetes management. A CGM enables users to take immediate action when faced with high or low blood sugars. This technology has already shown the potential to transform the day-to-day management of T1D.

CGMs provide real-time glucose monitoring every five minutes, up to 288 readings in a 24-hour period. This incredibly thorough monitoring rate means a user can gain new levels of insight into their personal T1D management by alerting the user of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Perhaps the most important benefit of using a CGM is having the device actively monitor your blood- glucose levels at night and and alerts you of an approaching low or high.

A recent JDRF study, shows that the use of a CGM during pregnancy results in healthier moms and babies. The CONCEPTT study showed that using a CGM during and prior to pregnancy improves health outcomes, because women who used a CGM spent 100 extra minutes per day with blood sugars in a healthy range. That results in their babies being less likely to have hypoglycemia postpartum. Also, newborns whose mothers used a CGM were half as likely to have complications or require intensive care.

CGMs can help those with T1D to live an active and healthy lifestyle with their disease under control. Learn more about the #PowerOfCGM from industry partner Dexcom. When you request more information, Dexcom will donate $100 to JDRF (for every qualified lead).