JDRF Heads to ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions

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Where do top scientific minds share the latest advances in diabetes research? The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA’s) 78th Scientific Sessions convenes from June 22 to 26, in Orlando, Florida. JDRF researchers and JDRF-funded scientists will attend to share up-to-date science pertaining to our work to cure, prevent and treat type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Watch the video, and read what’s happening at the ADA Scientific Sessions below.

ADA’s 78th Scientific Sessions

  • The Scientific Sessions is one of the largest gatherings of diabetes researchers in the world, where scientists and healthcare professionals share and learn about new diabetes advances with top experts. Approximately 13,000 people will attend in 2018.
  • JDRF-supported studies have been highlighted at this annual event since JDRF started funding research, showcasing new breakthroughs and therapies for people with T1D. This year, researchers will present 60+ JDRF-funded studies that will help us to better understand how to cure, prevent and treat T1D.
  • JDRF-funded researchers will outline new advances like:
    • Artificial Pancreas: How can artificial pancreas systems work best for children and young adults with T1D?
    • Beta Cell Replacement: How can we transplant beta cells without the use of immunosuppressive drugs?
    • Glucose Control: How can new add-ons to insulin therapy enable better glucose control and lower the risk of hypoglycemia for people with T1D?
    • Prevention: What can we learn about the role of the environment in developing T1D that can bring us closer to primary prevention?
    • Beta Cell Regeneration: Can the loss of functional beta cells in T1D be reversed to restore insulin production?
    • Immunotherapy: Can combination immunotherapies halt the development of T1D?
    • Complications: How can we better understand and develop targeted therapies for early-stage complications?

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By Alexandra Mulvey