Coping with Distress and T1D – A Facebook Live Event


Distress and type 1 diabetes (T1D) go hand-in-hand far more often than we would like to admit, whether you have a disease yourself or if you are the parent, partner, spouse, or general caregiver of the person living with T1D. Learning to manage distress alongside T1D can be challenging, but it is possible. JDRF hosted a Facebook Live stream last week, co-hosted by Dr. Nicole Johnson, JDRF Director of Mission and Dr. Sarah Westen, JDRF National Psychology Fellow. During the live stream, Nicole and Sarah discussed coping with the more frustrating aspects of life with T1D, shared tips for dealing with distress and provided insights into the latest research around T1D and psychological health. Nicole and Sarah also share why and how they chose to work in diabetes and why psychological support is crucial for helping children with T1D and their families cope with and manage the unique aspects of the illness. Did you miss the live-stream? Watch the video below and send any questions you have to

By Toni Smith