It is common for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) to evaluate new ways of managing their diabetes. This may come during periods of transition like starting school, change in lifestyle, a new job, pregnancy – or just wanting to explore different options to better understand what works best for their needs.

For some, this may mean considering using #T1DTech for the first time like an insulin pump, continuous glucose monitor, or even both! The way each person manages their T1D is unique and personal but with the technology available to us constantly getting smarter, it is not uncommon for someone to consider it for the very first time.

If you are someone who is debating using technology to manage T1D, you might be excited about the benefits but also have concerns or hesitations about making the switch. Any big change in T1D management can be understandably intimidating to many.

If you’re someone who is considering #T1DTech, you may be looking forward to benefits like:

  • More data
  • Flexibility
  • Fewer injections and/or finger pricks
  • Integration between the CGM and insulin pump

But you may also be concerned about things such as:

  • Having a device attached to you
  • Learning curve
  • Cost
  • Relying on technology

There are plenty of factors to consider when transitioning over to #T1DTech, most of which can depend on your personal lifestyle and preference. The best approach for you may be looking at the options available based on your insurance coverage, activity levels (CGMs are a great tool for exercise!), and what new things are happening in your life.

In the video below, Amanda talks about her recent decision to get on an insulin pump as well as what she’s looking forward to and the concerns she had before deciding to make the switch.