JDRF Leaders Jeff Plumer and Sanjoy Dutta Join Editorial Advisory Boards of Two Top Diabetes Publications

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Two of the world’s most respected and trusted health publications have tapped JDRF to serve as an expert voice on their advisory panels.

JDRF IBOD Vice-Chair Jeff Plumer joins the editorial advisory board of Diabetes Self-Management, an award-winning magazine with more than 7 million readers and has claimed nearly 400 awards of excellence at the National Health Information Awards. The website, DiabetesSelfManagement.com was named a best diabetes blog 2018 and 2019 by Healthline and a top Type 2 diabetes blog by Everyday Health (2019) and MyTherapy (2018).

“I am excited to join the Diabetes Self-Management editorial advisory board. As an individual who has lived with Type 1 for most of my life, publications that provide support and information to the community are extremely important,” explains Plumer. “Diabetes Self-Management is a critical resource that helps T1Ds better manage [the condition] and live a happy and healthy life.”

JDRF Associate Vice President, Research and International Partnerships Sanjoy Dutta joins the editorial advisory board of Practical Diabetology a trusted source of up-to-date, diabetes patient care information for more than 30 years. Providing timely information that explores practical approaches to the treatment of diabetes and related conditions, Practical Diabetology, a quarterly clinical publication and website, gives physicians and diabetes educators straightforward, practical information to enhance the care and treatment they provide their patients.

“I look forward to continuing to grow the connection between JDRF and Practical Diabetology. The publication is a key resource for the medical and professional diabetes community,” Dutta says. “I am excited to support the publication’s editorial direction and provide additional insight into breaking research in the Type 1 diabetes space.”

Diabetes Self-Management and JDRF joined forces in 2018 and launched a “diabetes champion” celebrity series featuring several JDRF Ambassadors, including actress Brec Bassinger, ESPN analyst Adam Schefter and Food Network celebrity chef Anne Burrell. The series dives into each ambassador’s T1D journey, discusses the importance of supporting a loved one with the condition, and provides strategies to make powerful strides in the race to find a cure.

For more information on Dr. Dutta and Mr. Plumer’s addition to the boards visit DiabetesSelfManagement.com.

By Ayana Young