The Best of the Best: Researchers Unite at the 55th EASD Annual Meeting


For 55 years, leading researchers from around the world have gathered for the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). At this year’s meeting, from September 16-20 in Barcelona, Spain, more than 50 studies will be presented by JDRF researchers, funded now or in the past, working to find cures for type 1 diabetes (T1D) and improve the lives of those living with the disease today.

  • We are going to hear from JDRF-funded Pedro Herrera, Ph.D., on diabetes remission (currently in animal models) by insulin-producing alpha cells, which normally make the hormone glucagon.

  • Esther Latres, Ph.D., director of the JDRF Beta Cell Replacement portfolio, will be chairing a program, in which four JDRF-funded researchers will present, covering topics like:
    • Attaining stem cell-derived beta cells
    • Engineering beta cells to be immune from attack
    • Manufacturing biomaterials for transplantation
  • JDRF supported vTv Therapeutics for a clinical trial of their glucokinase activator (GKA), called TTP399, which acts as a key regulator of blood sugar levels in the body, and the results are out! Stay tuned for more on the JDRF Blog.

  • The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) will feature Heikki Hyoty, M.D., Ph.D., who will give a presentation on the viral causes of T1D, and Anette-Gabriele Ziegler, M.D., who will talk about the genetics of autoimmunity and the implications it has for clinical studies.

  • Advances in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have given T1D researchers more insight into how T1D begins. We will hear from Bastiaan de Galan, Ph.D., who is part of the JDRF-funded Hypo-RESOLVE, about how MRI can be used to resolve low blood sugar, termed hypoglycemia. We will also hear from JDRF grantee Martin Gotthardt, Ph.D., on diabetes imaging for clinical research.

  • And last (but not least!) will be the EASD/JDRF Symposium: The islets are on fire!, which will be chaired by Chantal Mathieu, M.D., Ph.D. This symposium will feature Roberto Mallone, M.D., Ph.D., who will talk about immune biomarkers in T1D, and Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen, M.D., who will give a presentation on inflammatory substances released by the immune system.

Stay tuned on Twitter, at @JDRFResearch, for exciting news at the EASD Conference!

By Alexandra Mulvey