Trick or Treat: Have a scare-free and fun Halloween

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To say that Halloween is ‘fun’ is an understatement! So many kids and adults look forward to this one evening of dressing up, eating as much candy as they want and partying with friends!  But Halloween can be scary in more than the obvious way for families of those newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D). As well as for newly diagnosed adults with T1D who should make sure they are partying sensibly and being mindful of the alcoholic drinks they consume as a part of the revelry.

But don’t be scared, JDRF has you covered! We’ve created an easy-to-use Halloween Guide that has tips and suggestions to help you prepare for a fun and safe holiday. Be sure to also check out our expanded list of carbohydrate counts for popular Halloween candies.

We know what you’re thinking! Halloween is not just for kids, so if you’re going to be enjoying adult beverages, be sure to check out our guide to drinking safely with T1D.

Have fun trick-or-treating this Halloween and be safe!