One Scientist’s Plan to Regenerate Beta Cells in Boston

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Can we internally regenerate and protect beta cells, and therefore find cures for type 1 diabetes (T1D)? One scientist thinks so.

Bridget Wagner, Ph.D., is a scientist at the Broad Institute, and her group’s research focuses on the chemical biology of diabetes, with the aim of identifying small molecules capable of increasing pancreatic beta cell number and function—ultimately with the goal of discovering new therapeutic approaches for T1D.

Please join us for an inside look, as we present the third video in our seven-part series Inside the Lab at Boston. See Dr. Wagner convey the enthusiasm and challenges of her work, watch the lab in action and follow how she and JDRF are making beta cell regeneration research possible and solvable.

Funding beta cell regeneration research is one of JDRF’s most critical undertakings, essential in our mission to find cures for T1D. Please consider donating today, and we’ll turn Type 1 into Type None, with your support.

Every Tuesday through October, and once again starting in December, we will share another video of JDRF’s research. The first ones were:

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