Thank you for being T1D Champions

We’ve spent the past month celebrating the many type 1 diabetes (T1D) champions in our community. From all of the resilient people living with T1D, to the parents and other family members who are so supportive, to the coaches, teachers, and classmates dedicated to making a safe and welcoming environment, to all of the powerhouse donors, volunteers, and advocates who are making a real difference in the lives of those impacted by T1D.  

The champion effort you each put in every day is what will help us create healthier and safer lives for people living with T1D until we cure it. In November, for National Diabetes Awareness Month, you shared your #T1DChampion stories with us on social media, you signed up as JDRF advocates to help us use our collective voice to influence change, you started fundraisers for JDRF across social media, and you donated to JDRF’s vision of a world without T1D – each and every one a champion act! 

To close our National Diabetes Awareness Month, we wanted to take the time to share a few more stories of our amazing #T1DChampions. We are inspired by you and energized to keep working on your behalf. 

Tim wrote to us about his dad Scott and his sister Teresa, who both have T1D. 

Tim told us that diabetes hasn’t stopped Scott or Teresa from “shooting for the stars” – Scott is a structural engineer who dedicates much of his time to volunteering for people who are homeless and people who are readjusting to life after having spent time in prison. Teresa is a student who plays flute in her marching band, plays varsity tennis and varsity softball, and is currently applying to college with the intention to be a biomedical engineer with a focus on diabetes care. Tim wrote to us wanting to lift them up, so we want to do just that – to Teresa and Scott, you are amazing and inspiring T1D Champions; to Tim your support makes you a T1D Champion too!

Braedon’s mom Dana celebrated Braedon, who was diagnosed with T1D this past September, the day after his 9th birthday. While still really new, Dana told us Braedon is handling everything so well and that his resilience gives her strength! A great artist who is already thinking of others, Braedon one day hopes to be there for younger children who have been diagnosed, so that they know someone else understands what they are going through and that they can get through it. To Braedon, his mom Dana, his sister Brooklyn and his brother Bryce, you are all T1D Champions! We know this is a challenging learning curve and the JDRF community is cheering you on! 

Sheila wrote to tell us about having lived with T1D for 48 years, after being diagnosed at age 6! While she acknowledges that life hasn’t always been easy, she let us know that she feels fortunate to have a great family and friends who have always supported herShe is the proud mom of two adult daughters and Gigi to her beautiful granddaughter. Sheila says, “I’m not a professional athlete or a famous actress, but am blessed to be living a good life for 48 years as a T1D Champion and grateful to the JDRF for the advancements in diabetes treatments and research.” Sheila, you are definitely a T1D Champion, and we celebrate your resilience and tenacity having lived with T1D since you were 6. You are an inspiration!

Adrian’s mom Delores wrote to us about Adrian’s strength, energy, and abundant knowledge of animals, science and nature. After a scary diagnosis at age 2, Adrian is now 8 years old. While he sometimes gets frustrated about being the only one in his class who has to go to the nurse’s office or check his blood glucose before he eats, she says he takes it all in stride and has a positive outlook. Adrian, we celebrate you as a T1D Champion! And to mom Delores, know that you – just like all parents of kids with T1D – are a T1D Champion too!


Falyn has been living with T1D for almost 23 years. At age 36 now, she wrote to us about how she’s learned that you can do anything you want with T1D, even have healthy pregnancies! Currently pregnant with her 4th child, have T1D has inspired Falyn to help others and bring more awareness and education to the world about diabetes. Thank you Falyn for all of your amazing work and for being a T1D Champion!


Thank you again to 
all of the T1D Champions who drive JDRF’s mission every day. Every day, we fight to improve the lives of all those impacted by T1D, and we could not do this work without you. Learn more about how to be a T1D Champion at