NFL Superstars drive awareness for Type 1 Diabetes and JDRF

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On Sunday, December 8 — also known as Week  14 for NFL fans — the NFL’s My Cause, My Cleats campaign returned for the fourth consecutive season. This campaign allows players to express their commitment and promote the causes that are most important to them. Throughout the campaign, players represent hundreds of charitable organizations that focus on causes such as youth development, health and wellness, military and veterans support, among others.

The NFL shares each cause by posting unboxing videos and sharing profile cards of the players and their selected charities. On, the players get the opportunity to share charities that are close to their hearts, their desire to spread awareness, and why they are raising money toward the missions that matter to them most.

Over the years, JDRF has been the organization of choice for many NFL athletes who have been impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D).  Some of these athletes themselves have T1D, some of them are JDRF Advocates and yet others are T1D Champions for supporting loved ones who have lived with this disease.

For the 2019 My Cause, My Cleats campaign, JDRF is grateful for the support of Mark Andrews of the Baltimore Ravens who was diagnosed at the age of nine with T1D, DeAndre Carter of the Houston Texans who was diagnosed with T1D during his freshman year in high school, Jameis Winston of Tampa Bay Buccaneer whose close friend has T1D, and Orlando Brown Jr. of the Baltimore Ravens whose father and younger brother have both been impacted by T1D. We also thank former Houston Texans quarterback David Carr, who chose JDRF as his charity, in support of his children Austin, Grace and Cooper, who all live with T1D.

Thank you Mark, DeAndre, Jameis, Orlando and David for choosing JDRF. We are grateful for your support and lending your voice in spreading awareness about T1D.

Learn more about type 1 diabetes and JDRF’s impact. From funding innovative research to advocating for government action to providing a support structure for our community, no other organization does more to fight type 1 diabetes (T1D) than JDRF. Read about ways in which to get involved and join us in this fight to see a world without T1D.

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