JDRF Receives Legacy Gift from the Estate of Marguerite Rosner

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Marguerite Rosner

JDRF, the world’s largest private funder of type 1 diabetes (T1D) research, is grateful to have recently received a generous $2.8 million-dollar gift from the estate of the late Marguerite Mae Rosner of Palm Beach, Fla.

The gift will help advance JDRF’s efforts to create a world without T1D.

Inspired by a Special Relationship

Known as “Margie” to the many people who loved her, Mrs. Rosner was a long-time supporter of JDRF. Her goddaughter, Juliet Baum, was diagnosed with T1D in 2014. Juliet was 6 years old at the time.   

“More than anyone, Margie loved Juliet,” said Jill Baum, Juliet’s mother. “They spent hours together in Margie’s closet trying on clothes. Juliet spent every visit practicing her model walk down Margie’s hallway.”

Marguerite Rosner and Juliet Baum.
Marguerite Rosner and her goddaughter, Juliet Baum.

Juliet, now a vibrant 11-year-old, has followed her godmother’s footsteps of service and active citizenship. For several years, Juliet has been an ambassador for the JDRF Palm Beach Chapter. In 2019, she was selected as one of 160 youth from across the nation to serve as a delegate at the JDRF’s Children’s Congress.  

The Epitome of Kindness

Mrs. Rosner, a nurse, and her husband, Dr. Edwin Rosner, dedicated their lives to helping others, as for 47 years, they worked side-by-side in their medical practice.

Dr. Rosner passed away in 1990. Fifteen years later, Mrs. Rosner met Walter Baum, who would become her partner until his passing in 2016.

Juliet was Mr. Baum’s granddaughter. Due to health concerns, Mrs. Rosner hadn’t been able to have children of her own. Mrs. Rosner viewed Juliet’s parents—her mother Jill, and her father, Perry, who was Walter’s son—as her children. She thought of Juliet as her grandchild.

Mrs. Rosner passed away in July 2018 at the age of 97. 

“Margie was the epitome of kindness, class and generosity,” added Jill. “She was funny, creative, intelligent and sharp as a tack until the end.”

On February 8, 2020, Juliet and Jill attended the JDRF Palm Beach Chapter’s JDRF Gem of an Evening Gala: Carnival in Venice, where the gift was announced.

“We take great pride as a family in presenting this donation to JDRF,” said Jill. “We can think of no better legacy to leave than helping to advance care and possibly finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.”