England, Today and Onward, to Provide Pregnant Women with CGM Technology

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It’s a milestone for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and JDRF. Today and onward, the National Health Service (NHS) England will provide continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to pregnant women with T1D. This is something that JDRF can be proud of—evidence for it came from the JDRF-funded CONCEPTT study, which proved that CGM use during pregnancy improves the health outcomes for both mothers and babies and reduces the cost for neonatal hospitalization, an otherwise frequent occurrence. After strong lobbying by JDRF and partner organizations, NHS England committed to begin providing pregnant women with this technology.

CGMs are small wearable devices that regularly and automatically monitor your blood-sugar levels, giving you a reading every 5 minutes. These devices reduce the number of daily fingerprick checks, and can sound alarms if blood-sugar levels get too high or too low. There are a number of CGM systems now, which gives people with T1D the freedom to choose the system that’s right for them.

This milestone demonstrates the impact that donors to JDRF can have on the T1D space. Thank you, to all of our supporters, for making this happen.

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