Insurance Coverage at Risk? What to do immediately.

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Hispanic couple having difficulty paying bills.

These are tough times for so many families across the United States.

While no one wants to think about losing their job, it is better to be prepared. This is especially true for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, for whom continued health coverage is critical.

What to do immediately

Typically, when you lose employment, your health insurance coverage extends through the remainder of the month, or through some period of time after you cease actively working. You should take advantage of this window to refill prescriptions for insulin and injection supplies, as well as glucose test strips, CGM or insulin pump supplies.

Ask your provider for prescriptions for a 90-day supply for any of these items and have them filled within the window during which you still have coverage. Many insurers are making it easier for people to obtain 90-day fills of their medications and supplies. You should check with your insurer about the specifics of your situation.

Even while still insured, you should take advantage of the insulin manufacturer coupon programs listed on JDRF’s “Help with Costs” page. Before your insurance ends, you should contact the patient assistance programs listed on JDRF’s Help with Costs page that are associated with the insulin that you take and begin the application process. Typically, you can get free insulin through these programs if you are uninsured, but the application process can take time. Try to start applying before your supplies actually run out.

Explore other cost-saving methods:

  • Samples from your physician
  • Biosimilar (generic) insulins
  • Blood sugar testing supplies options
  • Manufacturer programs.

These are difficult times.

Please find more information about addressing insurance coverage loss, as well as ways to reduce your T1D prescription and insulin costs in JDRF’s T1D Health Insurance Coverage Guide.

Our partners at Beyond Type One have provided detailed, easy-to-understand information about the above insurance options and other cost-saving methods.