JDRF Leveraging the Best of Technology To Support the T1D Community During COVID-19


Covid-19 has brought the entire planet into unprecedented times.

Thanks to technology, COVID-19 has not put the brakes on JDRF’s support to the T1D Community and fulfilling our mission. With the help of technology, JDRF is continuing to serve our community at the same pace and dedication.

Here are some of the key technologies JDRF is using during this pandemic.

  • Virtual Working: All of JDRF employees are working remotely now. The transition to virtual working has been seamless due to the right technology JDRF has put in place for its employees. During last year, as part of JDRF’s Digital Transformation initiative, all JDRF employees were provided with laptops, collaboration technology platforms (e.g. Microsoft TEAMS), productivity platforms (e.g. O365, OneDrive) and cybersecurity tools (e.g. Multi-Factor Authentication, 24×7 Cyber Monitoring).

  • Move to Cloud-based Applications: JDRF has transitioned all its legacy on-site business operations applications to the cloud (e.g., Financial systems, CRM, email, Datawarehouse moved to AWS/Azure). This has ensured business continuity even though all employees are remote now.

  • Leveraging Digital Channels to Support the T1D Community: JDRF has continuously updated its website to provide up to date COVID-19 information for the T1D community (https://www.jdrf.org/coronavirus/). JDRF internal intranet for employees (MyJDRF) has also been revamped to ensure staff are aware of the latest communications.

JDRF will be continuously upgrading its technology to support and accelerate our T1D mission.

Sri Mishra