Adam Lasher Shares “Positive Vibes” With Type 1 Diabetes Community


JDRF Spokesperson Shares Stories, Songs and Encouragement

With his guitar and liquid-warm voice Adam Lasher embraced the type 1 diabetes (T1D) online community with song and words of support.

“I know things get scary. We all need to remain positive and show that we’re all here for each other.”

The two-time American Idol contestant and JDRF spokesperson hosted a JDRF Facebook Live event on Friday, April 17, telling listeners from around the world “to hang in there, together.”

Playing from his southern California home, with the JDRF logo behind him, Adam sang several yet-to-be released songs and some older tunes requested by fans via chat.

One song included the lyrics “I’m the one.” He finished by singing “I’m the one – the type one.”

Featured in the 2015 and 2016 season of “American Idol,” Adam auditioned in New Orleans, performed his original song, and quickly became one of the judges’ favorites. When they asked him about a small black case clipped to his guitar strap, Adam shared with a national audience that he has type 1 diabetes (T1D) and the case was a device that continuously monitors his blood sugar.

Others with T1D immediately reached out, and Adam said he found a community he never knew could be so helpful. “I’ve always been kind of a lone wolf. But I met a community of friends, and it’s been really great.”

Diagnosed at 9, Adam has become passionate about helping improve the lives of others impacted by T1D by bringing awareness to the importance of research and advancements in treatments and technology. He has spoken to several groups on behalf of JDRF and also attended JDRF Children’s Congress, urging Congress to support insurance coverage of T1D technology.

Adam encouraged listeners to support JDRF and connect with others in the T1D community.

“If you are newly diagnosed and freaking out, don’t worry. It’s going to be fine. Things will get easier as we go.”

Adam, whose uncle is Carlos Santana, said he wanted to share his music as a way of “making some positive vibes” when so many are “stuck at home.”

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