How 3 Organizations are Fighting COVID-19

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Three organizations—an academic institution, a non-profit and a company—are working to understand the prevalence, outcomes and risk factors for contracting COVID-19. By collecting real world data, this will inform doctors and researchers to understand the additional risks and possible treatments for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) with the coronavirus pandemic. Two of them are specifically focusing on T1D, whereas the third is building a more comprehensive database. Participating in research studies are critical for advancing and accelerating the fight against COVID-19.

Why is this Important?

There is so much we don’t know about COVID-19. Doctors report that people who test positive for COVID-19 have exhibited mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, coughing and shortness of breath. But what if people with T1D have other symptoms that we’re not aware of right now. These will help us find out.

Let’s have a look:

An Academic Institution: University of Bern

Target: People with T1D who have contracted the coronavirus
To participate:
Region: Worldwide
Purpose: As of right now, we currently have limited information of whether there are additional risks for people living with T1D during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey, which will be updated weekly, will collect updates on the experience of those with T1D who have contracted coronavirus. Survey results will feed into an interactive dashboard that will be public and updated weekly. The responses will also help the researchers and medical teams from around the world develop strategies to better respond to and provide treatment for coronavirus. The data will be completely anonymous, and they will only use a person’s email address (if provided) to keep them updated every time a new weekly survey becomes available.
Questions: For any questions, please contact

A Non-Profit: T1D Exchange

Target: Doctors at 50+ diabetes clinics who have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in people with T1D
Region: United States
Purpose: T1D Exchange, a provider of real-world evidence to improve the care of people affected by T1D, is investigating the prevalence, presentation and outcomes of COVID-19 on people with T1D. Their team will employ survey and electronic medical records (EMR) data over the course of the next year to gain critical insights, which will allow clinicians to make informed decisions in how to best manage these co-occurring conditions and, potentially, prevent related severe complications or death.
To participate: If you are interested in having your clinic join the study, please visit or contact the T1D Exchange at

Company: IQVIA

Project: Help Stop COVID-19
Target: People who have a confirmed COVID-19 infection or have a high risk of contracting it (with or without T1D)
To participate:
Region: United States
Purpose: IQVIA, a company that provides health information technology and clinical research capabilities, launched the COVID Active Research Experience (CARE) Project to better understand the underlying prevalence, symptoms, treatments and risk factors for COVID-19. The registry will collect general information, as well as if you have been tested for COVID-19, any medications that you may take, symptoms of coronavirus and other COVID-19 questions. The data collected from this registry will help researchers to better understand COVID-19 and how to best get new treatments developed. Personal information will be used to communicate with you about the survey or other potential research opportunities, and only non-identified information (i.e., demographic and healthcare information) will be shared with the researchers and other healthcare stakeholders.