Dr. Carla Greenbaum Talks about T1D TrialNet During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Carla Greenbaum, M.D., chair of TrialNet—an international JDRF-supported network that is dedicated to finding cures for type 1 diabetes (T1D)—and a professor at Benaroya Research Institute, discussed T1D research in the time of COVID-19, including what TrialNet is up to, on JDRF’s Facebook Live event. She chats about:

  • What do we know now about the progression of T1D?
  • What is the “honeymoon” period?
  • Clinical trial results: Teplizumab delays T1D for 2+ years in participants at high risk
  • TrialNet studies that are currently enrolling
  • What will be learned from these clinical trials?
  • Screening to find out if you are at risk
  • What is she exciting about in T1D research and clinical trials

Watch the full, recorded livestream below: