Creativity Drives Impact for JDRF’s Rocky Mountain Chapter


Meredith Coors, Denver Walk Team Captain, answered the call for creative fundraising solutions in a big way! Just as COVID-19 began disrupting our daily lives with unprecedented challenges, Meredith saw an opportunity to make a real, tangible impact in her community to benefit JDRF’s Rocky Mountain Chapter. 

Toward the end of March, Meredith began sewing masks for friends and neighbors in exchange for donations to her Walk Team, Peter’s Pancreas Pacers. In the spirit of JDRF’s “Stronger Together” guiding principle, Meredith’s husband and children also got involved—including her 17-year-old son Peter, who lives with T1D. Each family member was responsible for a different piece of the mask-making process.

Their original fundraising goal of $2,500 felt quite optimistic. Within weeks, however, it became clear that Meredith had hit on something truly innovative. Since she launched this initiative, she’s sewn more than 700 masks and raised over $26,000 for the Denver JDRF One Walk—more than 10 times the original goal and more than DOUBLE her highest ever P2P fundraising activity! Requesting a donation of $25 per mask, the average donation per mask exceeds $38.

Meredith’s impact extends beyond her own fundraising—two other team captains in Denver were so inspired by what she accomplished, they launched similar campaigns and have raised nearly $4,000.

Bringing to life the “Power of Us” and activating her community to rally around her and JDRF, Meredith has connected with current JDRF supporters and neighbors, and friends and family from across the country. Some friends have been so motivated by her actions that they have contributed and donated fun fabrics, thread, and hair ties to help Meredith and her family create more masks.

Way to go Meredith and congratulations to the Rocky Mountain Chapter! Your commitment to our mission and perseverance to help close the fundraising gap is making a real difference.