The Importance of Dexcom CLARITY: From Telemedicine to Ultra Marathons

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During a recent JDRF Facebook Live event, elite T1D Athlete/Ultramarathoner and Dexcom Warrior Eric Tozer and Dexcom Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Cher Pastore, MS, RD, discussed Dexcom CLARITY technology.

Leaders from JDRF and Dexcom delivered brief remarks before Tozer’s and Pastore’s discussion:

  • Joe Watterson, JDRF Vice President of Corporate Development
  • Molly Donahue, Dexcom Associate Marketing Manager
  • James McIntosh, Dexcom Senior Manager of Public Relations

During their discussion, Pastore and Tozer covered a variety of topics, including:

  • How CLARITY can help people living with T1D focus conversations with their healthcare providers.
  • Why telemedicine visits may be more convenient for people with T1D and how CLARITY can enhance that convenience.
  • How CLARITY can help people living with T1D establish goals in between visits with their healthcare providers (either via telemedicine or in-office visits).
  • Tozer’s experiences with CLARITY and telemedicine visits.

Watch the full, recorded livestream: