A New Way to Take Charge of Severe Hypos


During a recent JDRF Facebook Live event, Mary Beth McNerney of Xeris Pharmaceuticals and Christine Beebe, MS, RD and Diabetes Educator discussed a new way to take charge of severe hypoglycemia episodes (“severe hypos”).  

Joe Watterson, JDRF Vice President of Corporate Development and McNerney delivered introductory remarks.

“We know that for people with diabetes on insulin, stress and erratic schedules increase the risk of severe low blood sugar,” McNerney said. “This increased risk plus the potentially limited access to hospitals because of COVID-19 puts the diabetes community in a very difficult position. But now because GVoke Hypopen is simple to use, it’s a solution you can count on if you or a loved one have a scary low where you feel like you might pass out.”

Dr. Beebe then addressed the following points:

Watch the full, recorded livestream: