Robots! Compounds! Chemical Biology! Oh My!

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Bridget Wagner, Ph.D.

Bridget Wagner, Ph.D., is a chemical biologist (cool!) at the Broad Institute, who wants to find a compound that can repopulate the beta cells that have been lost in type 1 diabetes (T1D)—ultimately with the goal of discovering new therapeutic approaches for the disease.

But, what is a compound? Well, a chemical compound is any material consisting of two or more chemical elements. For example, water is a chemical compound of hydrogen and oxygen (H2O). But Dr. Wagner’s compounds are much more complex than water. And if she finds a compound that can reverse the loss of beta cells, she wants to know the target. That’s not an easy task.

See Dr. Wagner convey the enthusiasm and challenges of her work, watch the lab in action and follow how she and JDRF are making beta cell regeneration research not only possible but solvable:

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