6 Reasons to Access Virtual TypeOneNation Summit On-Demand

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On Saturday, September 26, JDRF’s Virtual TypeOneNation Summit brought together members of the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community from coast-to-coast for a day of education and interactive experiences.

Whether you missed it and want to check out some of the sessions, or attended and want to revisit, you can and at no cost!

To access on-demand content from the event, visit the post-event site.

If you hadn’t registered for the event, look for “Not Registered?” in the upper right hand corner and use the “Click Here to Register” button to register.

If you had registered for the event, enter your email in “Already Registered” (also to the right) and you’re all set. 

Below, find our top six reasons to access the on-demand content from JDRF’s Virtual TypeOneNation Summit. 

We also asked previous TypeOneNation Summit attendees to share their experiences and tell us why they keep coming back.  

1. With curated content for three audience tracks, this year’s summit offered something for every member of the T1D community:

  • Adults with T1D—including seniors!

  • Parents and caregivers

  • Young adults with T1D

“I’ve attended the last two TypeOneNation Summits. It has been an amazing place to learn, connect and understand T1D for many,” said Sam DiGaetano, age 25, of Pennington, New Jersey. “I suggest ANYONE with T1D, a loved one, friend, etc., attend if you can. SO many great resources.”      

Mary Dumas“This event allows you to connect and talk to people directly in the community that are being impacted by diabetes,” said Mary Dumas, of Princeton, New Jersey, who has been living with T1D for 30 years. “You learn how they managed to control and thrive with the disease. You share experiences and stories and you learn so much from each other during the event. I always leave the event with some new idea regarding meal planning or exercising or the most effective technology that can help me improve my life with diabetes. The support that you feel and that you get from the attendees and JDRF is tremendous.”

2. Sessions for each track focused on topics most relevant to those audiences.  

For instance, the parents and caregivers track will cover topics such as managing the psychosocial challenges of T1D, navigating a new T1D diagnosis and making mental health a priority—including a parenting and mental health session hosted in Spanish.

Some of the topics young adults with T1D will explore are diabetes burnout, entering the workforce and discussions around common mature topics.Sam DiGaetano

Adults with T1D will learn about staying emotionally healthy with T1D during the coronavirus pandemic, pregnancy and T1D and lessons learned from people who have lived with T1D for 50 years, among others.

“‘Diabetes Burnout’ and ‘Off to Work’ are two crucial topics for young adults. We’ve ALL been there; getting tired of lows, volatility with your sugars and feeling alone in this illness,” said DiGaetano, who is an investment advisor representative. “You’re never alone. Things always get better and you can live a long, successful life with T1D. It is hard. You will struggle. It makes us stronger and I use T1D as a backbone for strength. It’s easier said than done, but it’s vital to remain happy and positive.”

3. Numerous T1D celebrity ambassadors shared their inspiring stories or performed.

This year’s lineup delivered surprise appearances that did not disappoint:

  • Actor Derek Theler
  • World Champion Stand-Up Paddler & Windsurfer Fiona Wylde
  • Grammy-nominated Artist & Hit Songwriter Eric Paslay
  • Singer & Musician Este Haim
  • Inspirational Music Duo Hello Sunday

“JDRF TypeOneNation is an amazing event that brings together type 1 diabetics,” said Meghan Child at OneWalkBaron, mother of two from Westfield, New Jersey, whose daughter Mia lives with T1D. Baron and Mia attended TypeOneNation Summit last year. “Whether you are an adult with type 1 diabetes, a child with type 1 diabetes or a family navigating type 1 diabetes, the information provided at TypeOneNation is so incredibly valuable as well as inspiring.”

“My most memorable TypeOneNation Summit event was listening to the speaker from Hudson News,” Dumas said. ” I enjoyed listening to his story as a soccer player at college when he found out that he had diabetes. I, too, was diagnosed during my junior year in college so I was able to relate to his story and the impact it had on his mother as well. She was an avid baker but stopped baking her holiday treats. It is important to note how this disease impacts us but also our family members and caretakers.”

4. General, concurrent sessions led by sought-after experts covered timely topics affecting the T1D community right now. 

These include the latest developments in T1D research, accessibility and choice and T1D and COVID-19.

“We loved the different breakout sessions offered that had very pertinent topics to help us navigate our life with type 1 diabetes,” Baron said.

“Not only do you get to speak to many avenues—such as pump companies, T1D treatment companies—but you learn about developing tech, treatments and more,” DiGaetano said.

“The technology session always interests me,” Dumas said. “I am so excited about how technology can help improve the lives of diabetics.”

5. It’s free of charge!  

See the information at the top of this blog on how to access the different sessions on-demand. 

“There is no reason not to go if you can. It’s the truth. Worth every second of your Saturday to attend,” DiGaetano said. “I met so many people who share the common goal of finding a cure. But, it’s the person-to-person connection you get. Sharing your experience. Learning of treatments, hearing from others—all in one day—that makes it worth it.”

6. No matter who you are, you’ll gain the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices for managing T1D.

“If I had to choose one word to describe TypeOneNation Summit it would be invaluable,” Baron said. “The knowledge that you take away as well as the relationships you build are nothing short of amazing!”

“It is ENGAGING! At TypeOneNation Summit there is something for everyone,” Dumas said.  “For the newly diagnosed, to the diabetic who’s been living with the disease for decades, to family members who are caring for children with diabetes. Everyone who attends will benefit and will be engaged.”