Video: ADA’s Scientific Sessions: Day 4

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ADA 2021 Scientific Sessions Takeaways - Day 4

The American Diabetes Association’s Scientific Sessions is here! Until June 29, scientists will present some of the most updated topics, from beta cell replacement to immune therapies to complications, all with the result to change things for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community. Here is Dr. Camillo Ricordi to share his key takeaways from day 4:


Camillo Ricordi, M.D.
Professor and Director, Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami
Clinical and Regulatory Hurdles Facing Islet Transplantation

It is my pleasure to give you a little overview of what is going on in our session, Clinical and Regulatory Hurdles Facing Islet Transplantation. I will be speaking about the status of islet transplantation in the U.S., but I will have, in the same session, Dr. Witkowski, from the University of Chicago, and we’ll talk about Islet Transplantation—Benefits and Shortcomings, and also Dr. Thierry Berney, from the University of Geneva, who will speak about the International Experience—Successful Implementation of Clinical Islet Transplantation Across the World—What Can the United States Learn. Chairman is Dr. Jim Shapiro, from the University of Edmonton. I will just share a couple of slides to give you a flavor of what will be discussed in the symposium.