Tandem Diabetes Makes Managing T1D More Convenient

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For individuals who use the Tandem t:slim X2™, bolusing from their insulin pumps just got a bit easier.

On February 16, 2022, Tandem announced the FDA clearance of bolus insulin dosing from their t:connect® mobile app. Soon, individuals with the Tandem t:slim X2™ pump will be able to bolus remotely from either their iOS or Android smartphone. For people who keep their insulin pump in hard to access places, it’s a big deal.

“This is a gamechanger for me personally,” says Alecia Wesner, who lives with T1D. “I often wear clothing without any easily accessible places to keep my pump. That means I often store my pump on my bra or in my tights—which makes it hard to make the many daily boluses required to keep my blood sugar in range. This feature is simply going to make it easier for me to live with type 1 diabetes.”

Better Devices, Better Outcomes

People with T1D need better tools if they’re going to do better—that means achieving an optimal HbA1c, increased time-in-range, and more. This clearance makes the t:slim X2™ a better tool.

The t:slim X2™ with Control-IQ™ technology is an automated insulin delivery (AID), or artificial pancreas, system. This system is comprised of a Dexcom G6® continuous glucose monitor (CGM), the t:slim X2™ pump, and Control-IQ™ technology, which is the algorithm that automatically administers insulin on behalf of the user. AID systems have demonstrated they improve outcomes for people with T1D—but there are still barriers to adoption. These include ease of wear, comfort, and user interface. 

This new feature potentially removes a barrier to adoption, meaning that more people will hopefully take advantage of this life-changing technology.

“JDRF supports AP systems not just for their clinical benefits, but also for their ability to improve quality of life,” says Jonathan Rosen, Ph.D., JDRF Associate Director, Research. “The FDA clearance of bolus insulin dosing on the t:slim X2 pump via the t:connect mobile app is great for the T1D community, since people will now be able to conveniently and discreetly bolus insulin from both iOS and Android smartphones.”  

A Long History of JDRF Support

Supporting research into better therapies for T1D has been a JDRF research priority for decades. JDRF founded the Artificial Pancreas Project in 2005 and the JDRF Artificial Pancreas Consortium, which have dramatically accelerated progress by bringing academic researchers, government agencies, industry, and the Helmsley Charitable Trust together to pursue artificial pancreas technology.

In addition to playing a leadership role in the field, JDRF funded grants that supported the initial development of the Control-IQ™ technology, worked with the FDA to establish a regulatory protocol for AID systems like the t:slim X2™ with Control-IQ™, and, crucially, tirelessly advocated for the Special Diabetes Program (SDP), which funded the clinical trial that provided data for the 2019 FDA approval of Control-IQ™ .

While this is a notable step forward, JDRF will continue working to improve therapy options for the T1D community.

Tandem plans for a limited rollout of this feature in the spring with an expanded release in the summer.