Leaving a Legacy: A Grandfather’s Love

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Ned Jessen and family trick-or-treating

Pictured: Ned Jessen (far left) with his family, including grandson Edgar (center), and daughter Margaret (third from left)

When a grandfather meets his grandchild for the first time, a powerful bond is created. It’s a bond that creates an unspoken promise of love that is both vulnerable and fierce, one that that celebrates every milestone and catches every fall.

Ned Jessen is a grandfather who gets to experience this special bond with his grandson, Edgar, in a unique way. In November of 2021, Edgar was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) at the age of 11.

“When Edgar was diagnosed, I watched how overwhelming and frightening it was for his parents—my daughter and her husband—and him,” says Ned. “Edgar’s diagnosis was life-changing, yet he and his parents have handled it so gracefully.”

JDRF’s Prominent Presence

Ned’s daughter, Margaret Jessen Kelley, says that while Edgar’s life will never be the same, they have hope…because they have JDRF. “JDRF was everywhere during Edgar’s diagnosis and continues to show up through community and progress that impacts Edgar’s quality of life,” says Margaret.

It’s that prominent presence and impact that inspired Ned to join the JDRF community in achieving a world without T1D by including a legacy gift in his estate plans.

“JDRF has been there every step of the way for my daughter, Edgar, and our family. We’ve met some of the most kind and gracious people, as well as incredibly smart and talented people. We know JDRF is going to do the work needed for Edgar to succeed,” says Ned. “This is why our family has decided to support JDRF through both a legacy gift and a current pledge.”

Ned’s hope and confidence in JDRF shine brightly in the legacy he has created to honor for his grandson, Edgar. It’s a legacy that promises to create a better life for his grandson and others with T1D, and a legacy that is imperative to changing T1D’s history in this world.

To learn more about how legacy gifts will achieve JDRF’s vision of a world without T1D, visit jdrf.org/legacygiving.