Meet Our 2019 Children’s Congress Delegates!


Age: 16
Age at T1D diagnosis: 2

If you are looking for Duncan, he is probably on a soccer field. He plays for his high school’s team, a travel team with the Potomac Soccer Club and his rec league. Duncan also helped coach the soccer team at his former middle school. Duncan also enjoys playing guitar and hanging out with his friends. Duncan’s family was not new to T1D when he was diagnosed; his father has T1D and his sister has been diagnosed as well. Duncan looks forward to telling lawmakers that “a cure for T1D would change the world for the millions of people who suffer from T1D, and all the people who are close to them.”


Age: 12
Age at T1D diagnosis: 1

Garrett is extremely passionate about everything he does. He loves organized sports, and plays hockey, basketball, football, soccer, golf and is a swimmer. Garrett also enjoys reading and trying to correctly name every flag from every country. He’s most proud of when he made a game-winning save in soccer, and that he navigates school and T1D on his own. Garrett believes having T1D has made him a stronger person. He explains, “T1D has taught me many life lessons about resilience, diligence, hard work and perseverance.” Garrett is excited to attend Children’s Congress, and hopes that speaking with his representatives will help him achieve his dream of curing T1D.


Age: 12
Age at T1D diagnosis: 5

Hugh is a talented musician who plays violin, viola, piano and recorder, performing with both his school’s jazz band and honors orchestra. Hugh also enjoys baseball and competing in the National History Bee. Hugh has been a part of several JDRF events, including TypeOneNation Summits and JDRF One Walk events, and is looking forward to being a part of Children’s Congress this year. “I’ve done a lot to try and help the T1D community, and I’m excited to come to Washington to help the lives of people with diabetes like me continue to improve, so I can be healthy and fulfill my dream of becoming an astrobiologist.”