Meet Our Gala T1D Champions

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JDRF Capital is excited to introduce the T1D Champions Campaign at next Saturday’s JDRF Hope Gala. The Champions campaign gives high school students the opportunity to engage their communities and design fundraising campaigns to support JDRF’s vision of a world without T1D. These impressive students were nominated by our community for their desire to make a difference and help all people with T1D live healthier, safer lives until there is a cure.

If you would like to support our Champions you can visit their fundraising page here. If you know a high school student with a passion for creating a world without T1D who might be interested in participating as a Champion in the future, please contact Stephanie Stuckey,

Introducing our 2019 T1D Champions

John C. – diagnosed at age 2

Junior at Herndon High School

“JDRF gives me connections to others like me. I am happy to help make a difference in my community as a T1D Champion!”






Gabriella F. – diagnosed at age 10

Junior at Berman Hebrew Academy

“JDRF has improved my life by funding technological advancements and allowing me to meet other kids with T1D and creating lasting friendships with them. “





Mac G. – diagnosed at age 1

Sophomore at Landon School

“T1D has been a gift and a curse at the same time…teaching me life skills like responsibility and perseverance but it has also been hard at times to manage with other things happening around me.”





Cassie L. – diagnosed at age 3

Junior at Duke Ellington School of the Arts

“JDRF opened my family up to the world of diabetes….giving us a community that made us feel like we had some power in this situation. JDRF gives me hope that there will be better treatments and, one day, a cure so no one has to live with the ups and downs of diabetes.”

Evan S. – diagnosed at age 5

Senior at Landon School

“You’ve got to adjust your entire life when you have T1D, but you’re still the same person you were before being diagnosed. You can still pursue anything you want for yourself in life! Go for it all!”


Willa S. – diagnosed at age 8

Junior at National Cathedral School

“With T1D there are no days off and there is no cure. But there is hope. I am so grateful to have access to all the new technology coming out such as an insulin pump closed-loop system and a continuous glucose monitor that has completely eliminated the need for finger pricks.”



Olivia W. – diagnosed at age 7

Junior at St. Stephens and St. Agnes School

“T1D is challenging. Every day is a battle of highs, lows and corrections. But throughout the highs and lows, T1D doesn’t have to restrict you in your daily life. I am able to do anything and everything I set my mind to, as can every other person with T1D. I try to use T1D as a motivator rather than a burden.”