Connecting with Your Local Network

A key benefit of partnership with JDRF is our local, community-based network of more than 70 nationwide Chapters, giving you a national elevated presence with local, community support and leverage.

No matter the market, JDRF has on-the-ground staff and volunteers to support your campaign in any way needed. Volunteers are well-informed, energetic supporters of JDRF – most of whom either have type 1 diabetes themselves or who have family or friends living with disease. Lean on your local JDRF Chapters to:

  • Provide informed spokespeople to speak to local media about the impact of your campaign
  • Provide a person or family impacted by type 1 diabetes to speak with your staff or speak at a kick off,  awareness, or wrap up event
  • Provide JDRF volunteers to support in-store activations, information booths, etc.
  • Provide a social media savvy person living with type 1 diabetes to do a “takeover” of your social media channels for a day, or provide “day in the life” content for your campaign   
  • Provide volunteers to your company’s National Diabetes Awareness Month (November, every year) awareness efforts or events

To connect with your local Chapters in each US state (or JDRF affiliates in Canada, Australia, Denmark, Israel, the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom), work with your JDRF account manager to identify and establish connections with your key markets of interest.