Julie Jaworski & the IRONMAN Lake Placid

This past week one of our longtime JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes participants, Julie Jaworski, completed the Lake Placid Iron Man.  Julie lives with type one diabetes (T1D) and is a competitive athlete who has recently switched to using Medtronic’s 670g closed-loop system to manage her T1D.  We had the privilege of getting to ask her all about the experience!

The Iron Man triathlon consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and then a 26.2 mile run (full marathon).  Julie completed it in 15 hours and 49 minutes. “I am still elated over the fact that I completed it.  The day was beyond beautiful and the diabetes control was spectacular. “  Says Julie of the overall experience.  She had been on the 670g for three weeks total and only 10 days on “auto mode” prior to doing the Iron Man.  When beginning the race her BG was a little high due to a kink in the tubing but once she worked that out her BG was in target range for the remainder of the race; not above 200 and didn’t go low.  Through the whole process Julie’s only T1D related fear was that the system may not stay in auto mode and possibly revert back to manual, so she set her basal rate lower just incase.  Her opinion of the closed loop system; “I love it!”

We asked Julie to give us little re-cap on how the race went overall: “Before the race, and nerves were high, I just tried to center on how grateful I was to be participating and that I had completed all of the training for many months.  As I got into the ride what I learned about myself is that patience truly does pay off.  Slow and steady will get you to the finish line.”  Her favorite part of the entire journey was “celebrating with my other T1D friends and Diabetes Training Camp founder, endocrinologist, Dr. Matt Corcoran.  [And] with the best training partner in the world and my very best friend, and husband, Dan Jaworski.”  Julie’s advice to any T1D looking to do the same is to “put in the training.  Be patient with the numbers.  Work with a coach if possible.  I used Sweat Equity Athletics for coaching.  Use your support system.  I talked with my DTC friends (family :)) often on the journey.  The support is HUGE.”

Julie’s determination and athleticism is inspiring and we are so thankful to have her as part of our JDRF Family!  She has been part of the Central Florida Chapter for many years and was introduced to JDRF through Carla Voorhees, one of our other highly involved Ride to Cure Diabetes participants.

If you’re interested in participating in the Amelia Island Ride to Cure Diabetes with our chapter to get a taste of the competition and camaraderie with people like Julie and Carla, then check out the link below or let us know if you have questions!

Amelia Island Ride