Family Network Coffees

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We are currently looking for volunteers to facilitate the Network Coffees.

JDRF Family Network is a community of people whose families are impacted by T1D. The Family Network provides opportunities for families to meet one another, share experiences, ask questions, and seek encouragement. This is a group of concerned parents and family members who have been where you are.

Family Network is an Outreach program of JDRF in the Central Ohio Chapter. All activities of this group are organized and coordinated by volunteers. There is no cost to be connected to the Family Network. See the positive impact meeting others living with T1D can have on your family! By joining this group you are taking the first step toward becoming part of a group that just simply “gets it”.

If you are interested in learning how to start one or simply want more information, please contact Rosie Mewhinney at (216) 654-9320 or Not only are you helping others, but as one facilitator stated: “It helps me as much as it helps the families who come!”