Type One Nation Summit

March 3, 2019, Lancaster, PA
8:30 am - 12:00 pm


The JDRF TypeOneNation Summit is a low cost, half-day educational and networking opportunity for the T1D community. TypeOneNation brings together T1D experts to share their knowledge on the latest treatments, breakthroughs in research, and the psycho-social aspects of living (and thriving!) with T1D. Our event will feature talks from JDRF researchers and other experts in the field, breakout sessions, and a separate Youth Program and Teen Track for children ages 5-18. In addition, the event will also include a vendor fair with representatives from diabetes medical device companies, insulin manufacturers, diabetes camps, local healthcare providers, and other diabetes related organizations. This event is designed for all ages at all stages and offers something for everyone: parents, children, teens, adults, grandparents, caregivers, school nurses, healthcare providers, and more. Advanced registration is required for this low cost community event. Registration is now open


Farm and Home Center

We kindly ask that only type one children of age 6 or older attend.

1383 Arcadia Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Event Contact

Ashley M Davis
717-901-6489 | amdavis@jdrf.org