2014 Burlington, VT Ride to Cure Diabetes


The intrepid Central Virginia Ride to Cure team set off on another challenge ride in July to raise money for juvenile diabetes research. A far cry from the rainy, cold conditions they experienced on their November ride in Tucson, AZ, this excursion took place in beautiful sun-filled Burlington, VT along some of the most scenic roads that our country has to offer. The course followed more than 100 miles through historic villages, featuring covered bridges and flowing rivers through the flawless Champlain Valley. This year’s team included Kirby Carr, Holly Clay Smith, Susan Russell, Deidra Tyson, Mike Anderson, Daniel Majikes, Kevin Sheppard, Mary Pratt, Peter Berty, and coaches Lisa Lackovitch and Matthew Majikes.  The team also had Ellen Berty who volunteer at the finish line, and was the chapter cheerleader. Click here to learn more about Ride to Cure Diabetes. If you would like to join or learn more about the Central Virginia Ride to Cure team, please contact Matthew Majikes at majikes@mac.com or 804/317-8201. The next ride takes place in picturesque Lake Tahoe, CA in September, 2014.  And, we are planning our 2015 ride, which will likely be in August 2015 in La Crosse, WI.