JDRF TypeOneNation Summit

October 28, 2017, Richmond, VA
8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Free - registration is required

The JDRF TypeOneNation Summit is a free, all-day educational and networking opportunity for the T1D community. The Summit brings together T1D experts to share their knowledge on the latest treatments, breakthroughs in research, and the psycho-social aspects of living (and thriving!) with T1D. The Summit will feature talks from leading JDRF-funded researchers and other experts in the field, breakout sessions, and a separate Youth Program and Teen Track for children and young adults ages 5-18. Summit includes a vendor fair with representatives from diabetes medical device companies, insulin manufacturers, diabetes camps, local healthcare providers, and other diabetes related organizations. The TypeOneNation Summit is designed for all ages at all stages of type 1 diabetes and offers something for everyone: parents, children, teens, adults, grandparents, caregivers, school nurses, healthcare providers, and more. Breakout Session Topics Include: 1) Taking T1D to School 2) The Psychological Side of T1D – Addressing Diabetes Burnout 3) Technology and T1D – UVA’s Artificial Pancreas System 4) Tips, Tricks and T1D FAQ’s 5) Post Meal Blood Sugar Swing – “Strike the Spike” and Carb Counting Techniques as a Tool for Managing One’s Diet - both presented by Gary Scheiner


We are thrilled to announce that Sean Busby will be the Keynote Speaker at our October 28th TypeOneNation Summit. Sean is a professional backcountry snowboarder with type 1 diabetes who travels the world exploring remote corners of the globe on snowboarding expeditions.

In 2004, while training for the 2010 Olympics, Sean endured a complicated diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Considering leaving snowboarding altogether, Sean was inspired by reading stories he found through JDRF’s Children’s Congress. It was the stories of 5- 7- and 13-year-olds that inspired him to keep living his dreams despite living with diabetes. He founded Riding On Insulin—which is now a nonprofit organization—to honor all the kids who inspired him to keep living. Today, Sean’s wife Mollie runs Riding On Insulin and Sean makes appearances at the organization’s global action sports programs (including ski/snowboard camps) for kids, teens and adults living with T1D, while managing his personal backcountry snowboarding career. In February 2014, Sean became the first person with T1D to backcountry snowboard all seven continents. His expeditions include trips to Morocco, Antarctica (twice!), Patagonia, Iceland, Norway, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Alaska, Tasmania, and more. Sean graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Health Promotion and Education, with an emphasis on diabetes.

Sean and his wife, Mollie live just outside Whitefish, Montana in a yurt with their two dogs, Daisy and Glacier.

Gary Scheiner is a world-renowned Certified Diabetes Educator and Speaker who owns his own clinical practice near Philadelphia. He was named Diabetes Educator of the Year in 2014 and is author of six books, including the best-selling “THINK LIKE A PANCREAS”. Gary has lived with type-1 diabetes for more than 30 years. He employs a practical approach to diabetes care and a sense of humor to engage, educate and inspire his audiences. We are excited that Gary will join us in Richmond to share his expertise with the T1D community!


The Jefferson Hotel

101 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23220

Event Contact

Amber Mueller
804-254-8014 | amueller@jdrf.org

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