Coverage 2 Control

Demand coverage that works for people with type 1 diabetes


What is #Coverage2Control?

JDRF is calling on insurers, employers, drug companies and the government to provide these three things that will help people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) control the disease.


Make out-of-pocket insulin and other costs predictable and reasonable.


Give people the freedom to choose the insulin pump that’s right for them.


Cover all life-saving technology, including the artificial pancreas.

Why better coverage matters

Right now, the ability to control T1D is at risk. It’s becoming harder and more expensive. Costs for insulin and diabetes management tools have soared and show no signs of stopping. To make matters worse, some insurers and employers have taken steps that limit patient choice and increase out-of-pocket costs. For the 1.25 million people with T1D, being able to choose and afford the tools they need to control their disease is critical to survival. Insurers, employers, drug companies and the government all have a responsibility to help.

Impact So Far

We’re making your voice heard where #Coverage2Control decisions are made – at insurance companies, employers, and at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Thousands of messages to insurers

50,000+ people signed the #Coverage2Control petition and 12 major groups signed on as partners. JDRF hand-delivered your petitions to the 25 largest health insurance companies, and supporters sent thousands of personalized follow-up messages.

Coverage for multiple insulin pumps

After previously limiting adults with T1D to a single brand of insulin pump, UnitedHealthcare, the nation’s largest insurer, has expanded its coverage. Now all 25 of the largest health plans cover multiple brands of insulin pumps and most cover all brands.

Artificial pancreas systems covered

All 25 of the nation’s largest health plans now cover artificial pancreas systems, including Anthem, which reversed its policy after hearing from JDRF and the T1D community.

Progress toward lower insulin costs

After UnitedHealthcare announced it will extend the drug discounts it receives to its members in fully insured commercial plans, pressure from the campaign prompted Aetna to do so as well. JDRF continues to be deeply involved in ongoing conversations with Congress and the Administration about this important topic.

Become an Advocate

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Spread the word

Materials and information to help you educate others.

Growing Support

Learn more about why JDRF is telling insurance companies to provide coverage that works for people with T1D.

See What’s at Stake

See why choice is so important for people with T1D, especially when it comes to choosing an insulin pump.

What JDRF is Fighting For

JDRF plays an important role in accelerating innovation and ensuring access for all Americans with T1D.